Show #52 – Blupaint

Yesterday’s show featured local Indie rockers Blupaint and their repertoire of unhealthily catchy tunes. Barely been going for a year they’ve recorded 3 very polished tracks that Soundcloud will let you have.

Though we dare not mention terms like ‘world domination’ and  ‘bound for greatness’, there is certainly much potential in songs this well-crafted and delivered.

Sebastiaan and Floris came in for a chat and discussed origins, future plans and why it’s OK to like some bits of Coldplay. Listen back to the interview here.

Catch them and their Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, Editors influenced show this summer.


Show #50 – The Bimhuis

We had a behind the scenes look at the Bimhuis and was given a detailed run through all the info you need on Amsterdam’s premier jazz venue. How did it start, who’s played there, who’s coming up, the acoustics, the egos (or lack of) and who’s clever idea was it to stick on the side of Muziekgebouw Aan’t Het Ij like that.


You can listen back to the interview we did with Reinier Thijs from the Bimhuis on our Soundcloud page here.

We also played some tracks from local jazz heavyweights Tin Men and the Telephone, Hans Dulfer and ICP Orchestra.

Show #48 – Nouveau Velo

Nouveau Velo seem to have lovingly pickpocketed the charming sounds of a Postcard Records era world of indie guitar pop. Their own description of ‘healing pop’ seems entirely relevant. It’s feel good music, without straying into sickly sweet and manages to keep sufficient mystique as to keep them unpredictably guiling. We spoke to Niek from their band prior to their gig at the Paradiso on 4th March and discussed turning from a 3 to a 4 piece, what does a record label want from you these days and what does J Mascis drink backstage. Listen back to the interview here.


We started the show having a rare opinion driven section on the issue of audiences talking through gigs in Amsterdam. We were suggesting it was getting worse and it’s always worse here than most places in Europe. Hell, even Anouk’s had enough. And don’t get us started on using phones to record the entire show. Listen back to 2 voices of reason here tackle the issue with restraint and some considerably insight. Almost.

Yakumo interview – podcast

Interview with electro tropical funky duo Yakumo, playing ‘Flamingo’ and ‘Soulfire’, discussing their history as being members of Daily Bread and their experiments as an orchestra.

For more information about We Are OK Radio go to or





Show #46 – Yakumo

It has been known that we get a band on the show on the strength of one single. But when they only have one other recorded song in their catalogue, it can feel like you’re on dodgy ground giving them a slot to talk about themselves. No such fear with Yakumo, an electronic duo from Utrecht who’s sound offers distinct influences from Africa, calypso and wrapped up with the dance elements of The Knife. Chris and Atser have previous with well established act Daily Bread and are now gathering a head of steam for their own output. Applying a drip-drip approaching to release tracks throughout the year, by December they reckon they’ll have an album’s worth. And if they match lead track ‘Flamingo’, there won’t be much filler on the way.


We chatted about getting a following on the back of limited back catalogue, moving on up when your singer has left, finding time to do a Yakumo Orchestra, future plans and a shared love of Yuko Yuko

Listen back to the interview here

Show #45 – Julien Mier

Check out Julien’s Soundcloud page to listen to his wonderfully quirky, electronic, skittery album ‘Out Of The Cloud’. We spoke to him from his isolated studio in the Veluwe about how this environment influenced him, musically interpreting new born chickens (!?), and having parent who raise you on Captain Beefheart.



Julien is playing at the Gransnapolsky Festival near Utrecht on 8th February (in what looks like a disused radio transmitter), with a top line-up.

Listen back to our interview with the man here.