Snowapple interview

Interview with Una, Laurien and Laura from Snowapple with live performances of two songs.

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Show #44 – Snowapple

I first interviewed Amsterdam 3 piece, Snowapple 2 years ago on a breakfast radio show. Even at 7am in the morning, they somehow managed to perform music with stunning, luscious harmonies at a time in the day when I personally could barely speak. Overjoyed to have them back in the studio playing live and promoting their soon to be released 2nd album ‘Illusion’.


The harmonies still astound (my co-host spent the evening with jaw suitably dropped), but their music has developed with more sinister, creepy undertones.

We chatted about being signed to a UK label, the recent shows at Noorderslag and having difficulties trying to swap a batthered old Korg keyboard for a pianetta.

You can hear the full interview from this link here.

Catch them live on 2nd February in the Paradiso to witness them in their live glory.

Show #43 – Kraftwerk gushfest

And we’re back in the room…

It was Sept 11th 1976 when Kraftwerk last played the Paradiso, and since then they’ve whittled themselves down to one member accompanied by 3 robot/humanoids, gone all 3D, seen their creative output diminish to merely a trickle and turn their live show in what some commentators unkindly compare to watching ‘4 eldery men spend an evening sending emails’.

Do not be fooled: seeing Kraftwerk live is a must. This time they are playing 8 consecutive concerts covering their 8 main albums from Autobahn to Tour de France Soundtracks. Choosing the show to see has been the impossible task for the fan to undertake (unless you’re the guy who contacted the show who’s seeing all 8)


Listen back to our programme where we gave this event an entire show’s coverage (because we can), played some of the classic tracks, gave you some KW-factoids, discussed their importance and generally got all gushy about them for an hour. Boing.