Show #42 – Merry Xmas, We Are OK is over (for now)

Like a bunch of de-mob happy troops with a new set of ration cards and loaded guns, our last show of the year was a nostalgia fest of the best stuff we’ve aired in 2014 since we went on air in March. That’s included Rina Mushonga, Rita Zipora, Playground Zer0, Awanto 3, Rivers, Sarah Jane, Naïve Set, Elementary Penguins, David Douglas, House of Cosy Cushions, CUT_, The Great Communicators, Sleaford Mods, Public Service Broadcasting, Mason, Martine Bond, Jeanne Rouwendaal, GOSTO, Stillwave, Tears and Marble, Channah, Zitakula, Sofie Winterson and more. Doing a show half-cut directly from the pub can be a surprisingly coherent experience. See here.

There’s been some seriously talented people in our first few months and we’re not finding it difficult to find a whole new bunch of great stuff to present to you in 2015.


Wishing you a lovely festive period and thanks for bothering to check us out and appreciate what we do. See you back on 12th Jan 2015.

In the meantime, if you’ve never checked our podcast out, there’s a wealth of content to get stuck into there:


Show #41 – The Elementary Penguins

Sjap from Amsterdam power pop funkateers (yes, them) Elementary Penguins came in for a cosy chat with our Alex. They have a smashing new album out called ‘Weekend Transition’ which is like a bulging sack of tunes that even Spotify have tipped for attention in 2015.

elementaryThe full interview sits in our shiny podcast/RSS feed for you to listen to while you are doing the washing-up/cycling to church/buggering a penguin



Show #40 – David Douglas

A man so busy  and dedicated to his work, David Douglas totally forgot he was due up for a phone interview with us, hence the somewhat rabbit-in-headlights style of conversation. We were just looking for an excuse to play some stuff off his wonderful album ‘Moon Observations’ (and the subsequent remix album also).

We getting hints of Boards of Canada and more expansive type of electronica than your usual idle knob-twiddling, and for good reason he’s been nominated for album of the year by 3voor12

You can listen to our interview here of a man who didn’t want to be disturbed while making his music 😉