Show #39 – Sarah Jane – winner of Amsterdamse Pop Prijs 2014

Amsterdamse Pop Prijs has established itself for being THE showcase for new local talent and has given a leg-up for acts like Alamo Race Track, Mister and Mississippi and Yori Swart. There are 6 finalists, of which we’ve had 3 feature on our show in last few months, one of them being Sarah Jane. She came in the studio a few days before the Pop Prijs final at the Melkweg for a huddle formation pep talk and chatted about filthy lyrics, finding out who the hell she is, stumbling through studies, doing some backing vocals for the likes of Glennis Grace and surviving a gig in Shoreditch.


A big congrats to Sarah Jane from us, who kicked up a storm in the Melkweg and certainly deserved to win. Keep your eyes on this one.

Now, we’re not saying we have a magic tough, but we had the previous years winners, Silverfaces, in our studio just before they won. Just saying, like…

You can listen back to a stream of the interview here or download it from our podcast.


Sarah Jane interview – Amsterdamse Pop Prijs 2014 winner

Interview with Sarah Jane a few days before she won the Amsterdamse Pop Prijs 2014.

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Show #38 – House of Cosy Cushions

Music’s a weird one, innit? Some folk would say House of Cosy Cushions give you the kind of music that creeps up on you and suffocates you slowly with its atmospherics and repetitive haunting melodies. Whereas should you ask Richard Bolhuis, the composer of such tracks, he says he’s not alone in finding the music uplifting (joyous even) and full of hope.

Either way, we’re big fans of the current album ‘Spell’ for its uncompromising originality. You can listen back to our interview with Richard here.


You can catch House of Cosy Cushions at Le Guess Who Festival in Utrecht on Saturday 22nd Nov (as part of the 24 Hour Drone Fest)

Show #37 – Behind the scenes at the Paradiso

It was about time we caught up with those folk at the Paradiso and sprayed our musky scent behind the scenes at this iconic music venue. Resident charmer and lady of the bar Simone spared us the time to discuss the history, the bands, the state of music venues in Amsterdam and how hiding in the toilet for 10 hours is not a foolproof way of getting into a sold out gig.

You can listen back to a recording of the interview here:

Interview – Naive Set

Interview with harmonious Amsterdam 4 piece, Naive Set. Discussing their lovely album ‘Recling Nude’ and how there are worse things than being compared to the Beach Boys.