Sleaford Mods Interview

Interview with Jason Williamson from Sleaford Mods. As a preview to their gig in Melkweg Nov 2014


Tessa Rose Jackson Interview

Interview with Amsterdam singer/songwriter Tessa Rose Jackson back in 2012 on English Breakfast Radio


Show #34 – Naive Set

This week’s show was visited by Naïve Set who chatted about their album Reclining Nude, packed with short, harmony layered odes to love or the lack of it. Amongst a checklist of subjects, we efficiently and thoroughly ticked off the following: how being compared to the Beach Boys isn’t annoying at all, how you can’t disguise lyrics written by a native English speaker, and how doing product tie-ins with brands doesn’t have to mean making a pact with the devil.



Have a listen back to our conversation here. Their next outing in Amsterdam is at Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112 on 14th November.

Show #33 – Playground Zer0

If Deee-Lite were transported kicking and screaming into the now with a bunch of mysterious Romanians writing sheet music to be interpreted by a 3 piece Dutch producer collective as they film videos of kids being force-fed fizzy drinks in the woods, you be on the right lines of what Playground Zer0 are about (yes, really).

We had Robin and Jasper in for a pre-ADE chat. Talked about their new album ‘Poison’, getting Caro Emerald to do some backing vocals for you, grabbing session musicians in studio corridors, and why dance music isn’t supposed be taken seriously.



Listen back to our interview here (Warning: Robin has an incredibly deep, sexy voice that loosened even the most tight of knicker elastic in the studio).

Show #32 – CUT_ (Cut Underscore)

If you like mysterious, sumptuous  electronics with eerie, soulful vocals, then CUT_ could be the cup of tea you didn’t quite realise was yours. They got tongues a-wagging and links a-clicking earlier this summer with a stripped down version of Stromae’s ‘Papaoutai’. In our opinion, this isn’t a general representation of what they do best, despite the popularity it has gained. Their new EP ‘Patterns’, has clangy, tribal drums and warm bass which burst into vocal and synth hooks that linger long in the mind.


We had Sebastiaan and Belle in the studio for a chat and discussed their busy nationwide crawl courtesy of Pop Ronde, what they’ll be doing in ADE, how such a band uses visuals and improvisation to keep their live show fresh and fruity.

Listen back to the interview we did with CUT_ here.

We Are OK radio have a simple remit to bring you the best, new, interesting local music and we are satisfied we have fulfilled our purpose this week (* pats back, smokes cigar *)