Show #31 – Amsterdam Dance Event

From the dates of October 15th to October 19th, Amsterdam goes even more nuts for dance music than it usually does, with the sprawling all-encompassing Amsterdam Dance Event. This page is not the place to make some feeble attempt to tell you what is going on over this week. So just head over here for full info

Suffice to say there will be 300 events and 2,000 DJ’s over five days in 80 clubs and venues attracting 300,000 people to the city.


It’s not all bug-eyed, skinny-jeaned goons who over-play their ability to perform a couple of clicks on a MacPro (though, for sure, they will be represented), but a great opportunity to join discussions, check out new hardware, watch documentaries and other related shenanigans.

This week’s show was presented by Alex and concentrated on the above and included tracks by Solomun, Netsky, Alex Metric and Kölsch. Listen back to the full show from here.


Show #30 – Mason

‘Like a toddler on Kia-Ora’ goes the blurb on Mason when trying to explain their inability to fix their targets on one type of dance music. Though the thought of some infant with an attention deficiency may conjure less than pleasant images, we feel this is a fair description of a duo who’s polished tunes straddle house, disco, electro, pop like a frisky stallion that will not be tamed (er…yep, really).


We were joined by Iason from the band to explain how the wonderful new album ‘ZOA’ was put together and how they managed to cajole the likes of Jocelyn Brown and Rouge Mary to collaborate on vocal duties. He also, from recent experience, gave us the lowdown on the club scenes in Shanghai, Melbourne, Shoreditch and (of course) Corby. Iason explained what creative freedom you can have with your own record label, what he’s up to for ADE, and we always leave a bit of time for some synth-nerd chat.


Listen back to the interview here

Show #29 – Martine Bond

Over the years, Volendam has fair been churning out more than its fair share of the Dutch national music output. Nick and Simon, Jan Smit and 3JS have been responsible for a continuation of the ‘palingsound’ (eel sound anyone?…do we have an English equivalent?). And now we have Martine Bond who’s recent album ‘Love-Hate-Fate’ is a hook-filled, UK folk and West coast inspired collection of tracks with a fittingly sumptuous production to boot.


Co-host Katty’s face forms the filling between Matt and Martine’s giant head sandwich.

Co-host Katty’s face forms the filling between Matt and Martine’s giant head sandwich.


Martine joined us for a chat, punctuated by an airing of 3 of the LP’s tracks. Check out her site for preview plays and news on future shows.


You can listen to the interview by pointing your mouse here and clicking gently as if you were patting a small gerbil’s head for its exemplary behavior.

Show #28 – Hi-Phi Records

Amsterdam based label Hi-Phi Records came into the studio this week for a chat and were represented by (sometime radio co-host) Katty Heath, Ben from dirty electro-rockers First Family Riot and label owner Warren. They are having a jolly knees-up at the De Nieuwe Anita this Saturday (13th Sept) if you’d like to slip on your dancing clogs.

Who’d wanna be a record label boss these days? No one buying records, artists just greedy for a fast-lane to the bigtime, unacceptable demands from singers yet to prove their talents. These and other glamorous tales from the world of showbiz can be listened again with this handy link to our show’s recording.


Trying not go totally apeshit ecstatic about Kraftwerk announcing a 8 night residency in the Paradiso in January. We’ll do all that closer to the event. Boing. Boom. Tscaak.

Show #27 – Muziekgebouw aan het Ij

In another episode of our behind the scenes look at Amsterdam music venues, we forced our way into the Muziekgebouw aan het Ij and got shown around by Shane Burmania. How did it come about? What did it cost? What kind of events get programmed there? Er…what are the acoustic properties of Nordic wood? These and other questions you’ve been dying to ask yourself are answered in our feature which can be listened to here.


The remainder of the evening was left for Matt and Alex to inform you of new gigs and new music in a radio style reminiscent of Alan Partridge. Top tip at the moment is the excellent Mason and their new album ‘ZOA’ who are coming in the studio for a chat on 22nd Sept. The whole show can be streamed from here.