Show #26 – Jeanne Rouwendaal

When people tip young musicians as ‘one to keep your eye on in future’ it’s usually the kiss of death and will result in said talent finding their career stuck in some spirit-crushing rut supplemented by working at Starbucks as their dream slowly dissolves. Well, maybe betting my house maybe slightly risky, but I would bet a small garden shed that Jeanne Rouwendaal will be a name you will hear more of.

She’s managed to land herself a slot in the quarter finals of the Grote Prijs van Nederland for Singer/Songwriter on Sept 6th at the People’s Place. So it’s not just us blowing her trumpet.


She came into our studio for a chat with an unsuitably large amp and pedalboard tucked under her arm, and played us a few tracks also. We talked about playing with (* name-drop alert *) Dinosaur Jr and Seasick Steve, guilty pleasures of loving pop, how writing songs in a foreign language enables you to disguise your true meaning and how seeing Patti Smith live when you’re 10 years old can have a lasting impact.

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Show #25 – Lowlands review

With so much choice of music festivals over Europe, you need something more than just a busting line-up of artists to make yourself stand-out. To be honest, many of the acts are trudging around the continent doing the same route as everyone else, so why choose one event above another one? Lowlands has managed to carve itself s a reputation as certainly the leading festival in the Netherlands and generally sells out within a few days of tickets becoming available (though not this year for some reason).


This week, Katty was fresh (well, kinda) back from Lowlands so we played some of the participating artists: Jett Rebel, First Aid Kit, Real Estate and Royal Blood. Was also some party to an interesting story regarding location tracking yourself during a festival. So, on average, a person will walk about 50km, burning off almost 7000 calories during a typical weekend (the benefits of this obviously negated by the 20 pints of pissy warm lager and greasy burgers). And you thought we only gave you lovely new music to listen to….

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Show #24 – pushing the boundries of OK-ness

Festival season may be in full swing and the local gig scene may be somewhat…er…lacking in the usual surplus of top performers doing their tricks for a backslap and a round of applause, however, as always, there are many a new band to unleash. And unleash we did for a solid hour. All of the following bands we played and some of them are booked to come on our show over the next few weeks:

Naïve Set – this Amsterdam based 4 piece are brimming with harmonies, with straight the point, beautifully crafted summery pop. Loving the track ‘Honest’ off their new album ‘Reclining Nude’. Like a conscientious Beach Boys mopping up the rain from your terrace furniture.

Naive Set - clearly love photo shoots

Naive Set – clearly love photo shoots

House Of Cosy Cushions – Richard Bolhuis uses seductive, yet sinister loops, that build and weave and drop in and out to dizzying effect. Chorus and verse shenanigans you will not find here. But meshing of sounds into grand audio canvases will draw you in. Like the Boards of Canada took your sister out on a date, but didn’t bring her home when they said they would.

The Sunday Kids are so unashamedly Americana influenced that you could strap them into the General Custer and get Daisy Duke to provide backing vocals and it still wouldn’t go far enough. They’ve already done De Wereld Draait Door and slapped their thighs in the Camden Barfly. Not bad for a couple of lads from the Dam.

Teleman were our featured international artists who happen to be supporting the Kaiser Chiefs at the Paradiso on Sept 11th. Well, boo we say, as they are far too good to still be doing support slots. Check out their debut album ‘Breakfast’ which has just been released and is packed full of tasty pop tracks (produced by Bernard Butler). Worth popping along before the main act come on and spoilt the night with predictable riots.


Listen back to the entire show from here.

Show #23 – Heineken Music Hall

In part of our (so far not) very extensive behind-the-scene interviews with venues around Amsterdam, we featured the Heineken Music Hall. Operations Manager, Rene Borsboom took Matt J Brown for a little tour and showed him what  it takes to put on a show at one of the larger venues in town.

Ever wondered who the guys with the beer packs on their backs are? What can you do if you’re left with the dreaded ‘munten’ at the end of night? Who sorts out the band’s riders? Why are the cloakrooms free? Who actually owns the place? All these and many more annoying questions are resolved in the interview which you can listen back to again here on our Soundcloud site.


If your feeling more frisky you can listen to whole flipping show from the Salto listen again link here. Alex and Matt played tracks from Johnny Marr, Aztec Camera, Jungle, The Acid, Asgeir…all of whom are playing in town over the forthcoming weeks. And we talked about SOHN and how starting your questions to him with ‘Where did you get your cloak from?’ is prehaps not one of music journalism’s finest moments.