Show #17 – GOSTO

Being slapped with the label ‘The Dutch James Blake‘ may seem a little simplistic, but it gives you a general idea of the type of area the music from GOSTO falls into. His new self-title EP has just been released to a fawning press and there’s good reason for that. Fractured beats, jazzy shuffles, soulful vocals and dirty basslines make up some sumptiously recorded tracks (and all done in one’s bedroom, of course).

He came in to our studio to chat about a love for Radiohead, why no one should do without a jazz drummer, not having a specific audience and making all this music making lark as part of your studies.

Treat yourself to a listen to some of GOSTO’s music here:

Listen back to the interview here


Show #16 – Stillwave

The ‘brotherhood of Utrecht musicians’ continue to provide us with airwave fodder a-plenty. This week we had the reverb driven epic rock of 3-piece Stillwave (well, two of them). Pertinent discussion items include the Dutch pronunciation of the word ‘iron’, recording in a hanger, how voices sometimes don’t match the look of a singer and the time honoured tradition of playing in Liverpool and getting robbed.

Straddling the fine line between between joyous frivolity and unbridled rage

Straddling the fine line between between joyous frivolity and unbridled rage

Check out their single ‘Modes Of Transport’ here:

And you can listen back to the full interview we had with Michiel and Adriaan here.

Show #15 – Awanto 3

We had DJ/Producer Awanto 3 (“a-1-2-3″…yeah, I didn’t get it either) in for a chat this week. He has a long history of playing in clubs in the Netherlands, from his youth in Den Helder to the heady halcyon days of the Mazzo in Amsterdam.


We chatted about his marvellous new album Opel Mantra, how it was recorded (cue tedious synth nerd chat from presenter), needing to step out of the hedonistic city, latin/salsa influences and how one makes the process of writing dance music fun.

You can catch him at Awakenings festival at the end of this month.

This interview was preceded by a pre-recorded section of interviews with the crowd outside the Toppers concert at the ArenA at the end of May. Suffice to say, Steven (Awanto 3) wondered what the fuck kind of radio show he had stumbled across. And he had a point.

You can listen back to the entire show here.

Show #14 – Tears & Marble

If somebody describes your music as ‘like sex’, then call us shallow, but we’ll haul ourselves out of our flea-bitten sofa to give it a listen. And so it goes, we came across exciting new ‘dreampop’ (for want of a better description) duo Tears and Marble out of the Hague. First of all they have reconstructed Haddaway’s ‘What Is Love’ and given it a stripped down, spacious feel barely resembling the original. 157k (and counting) viewers can’t be wrong.

Their latest single ‘We Don’t Like You‘ continues their knack for using elegant pauses and reverb drenched spaces to place a necessary pause on your activities.


We had Bella and Cris in the studio to talk about their new EP, ‘Romance’, that is released 4th June. We discussed the dangers of starting your career with a cover version, quality tattoos and having a famous musician Dad who didn’t influence your taste.

Listen back to the interview from here. Best with Internet Explorer, but if you tire of this we will put this on Soundcloud shortly.